Moving out of state – how and why

There comes a time when we are faced with challenges that can overwhelm us. Moving is one such big project. Especially when you are moving out of state. There are things to consider and tasks to plan if you want to do it properly. And instead of you having to turn over every part of the internet to find them all, we will provide them right here and now. So let’s jump right in.

How to approach moving out of state

There are many mistakes and pitfalls you can make when moving out of state. Especially if you are new to moving, you have to learn more about terms of moving. Here are the steps you need to take if you want to do your relocation properly.

Sort and pack your things properly

Moving is expensive. Even more so when you are moving to a different state. The more things you have the more its going to cost you, so the first thing to do is to sort your things. Pack only the things you are sure you are going to need. The rest you can give away. If you are not sure whether you need something or not, you probably don’t need it. After you’ve figured out what you will carry with you to the new home you need to pack properly. Visit your local supermarkets or big shops to get cheap free boxes and packing supplies. Pack and label every box with care. Figure out if you want to pack by type or by room. Whatever the case you need to label clearly and mark if anything is fragile. Be sure to wrap any fragile things. You don’t need to use bubble wrap. Use your towels or any thick clothing. Your things are going to travel for some time, and you don’t want to risk anything breaking.

Choose moving method

Your moving method depends on how much help you can count on and how much money you are willing to spend. It can range from having professional companies pack, load, transfer and unload everything to having your friends come over to help and renting a pickup truck. We suggest avoiding hiring people to help you pack, since its more of a time issue than workload. Meaning that given enough time, you can pack on your own. Hiring movers to help you transfer is also suggestable since moving such long distances can be stressful, especially for a newcomer. You can find good movers online, but it’s always better to look locally. They should send a representative to give you an honest estimate. Try and get a couple of estimates before you decide on which one is the best. Little changes in the plan can make a big difference in price. But, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Scams are not unheard of in moving industry and the most common one is giving you a low estimate, then taking your items hostage until you pay the new, substantially higher price. Remember to ask around if the movers you want to hire are reliable.

Organizing the move
Having reliable movers is vital.

Find out about differences

The new state usually comes with different laws, culture, and customs. If you want to avoid being overwhelmed with information once you get there, you should look up as much as you can online about the place you are moving to. Depending on the state, there are specific laws that can limit your moving and you should go over them with your movers. Finding out about culture and customs of your future home will help you get settled in more easily and avoid feeling lonely and alienated. If possible, you should try visiting for a longer period of time the place you are going to in order to get the vibe.

An American city
Every place has its own vibe

Update your info

Even though you are leaving your old life behind, doesn’t mean that other people should be able to keep in touch with you. Once you move to your different state you should remember to change your address in order to get your mail. This can be easily done by visiting a local post office. You should also update your credit card and correspondences in order to get your bills and your magazine subscriptions. Your car insurance is probably connected to your state, so you will need to change it. If you have a nationwide car insurance, you should inform them that you have changed your state. If there are changes in the insurance policy that you don’t like, you can consider getting a brand new insurance. You will also need to get a new drivers licenses and license plate. States will give you between 30 and 90 days to get your car and insurance info up to date.

Why move to a different state?

Unless you are really keen on moving to a specific city you might find asking yourself is moving out of state really a good idea. If you stay in your home state your family and friends will be much closer. Should you even bother? Yes! You should! And here is why.

Benefits of changing the culture

Moving out of state will give you an opportunity to experience different cultures. If you want to change your life and try to see the bigger picture, you will need to move away. The experience will give you a different outlook on life and even if you end up not liking the culture you can go back to your old state with a new lens. You will definitely return a different person.

Person sitting alone
Being alone helps you realize who you are

Leaving the nest

Getting separated from your home and family will give you the opportunity to find out who you really are. This journey is beneficial if you want to get your act together. Living with the people you grew up with can come with emotional baggage which can inhibit you to explore and change yourself. Moving out of state gives you an opportunity to be what you are since there is no one to tie you back to your past. Make no mistake, your past is a part of you. But it’s much easier to learn from it when you are not attached to it. So go out and start living! And don’t worry. Home will always be there.

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