Ideas for bringing more natural light into your home

Having a bright and airy living space is the most important characteristic that people look for when buying or renting a home. Natural light is as important as having a nice yard or spacious rooms. When you are living in a home where you lack natural light, you are forced to use more artificial light which is bad for your eyes and sometimes dark room might make you feel depressed. Here are some great ideas for bringing more natural light into your home.

Simple ways for bringing more natural light into your home

Simple ways for achieving brighter space are actually designer tricks. If you don’t want to remodel your entire space and build in more windows, there are some things you could try. 

  1. Light wall colors
  2. Add mirrors and shiny surfaces
  3. Translucent curtains
  4. Lighter furniture colors

Brighter colors will be helpful at bringing more natural light into your home 

A ceiling color should be white if you are in desire for bringing more natural light in your home. Lighter colors reflect natural light and make your room look brighter.

Bedroom in light colors walls and furniture
Soft and light colors are a good way for bringing more natural light into your home

Opposed to darker colors that soak in the light. If you are just moving in, you could wait for your Inwood movers to unload or unpack everything and then start to paint walls.

Wall colors should also be lighter, like white, beige, ivory, and similar. You will see a huge diversity of these shades. 

Use mirrors to maximize natural light in a room

Large mirrors are an excellent trick for bringing natural light in your home. Hang a mirror opposite the windows so they reflect natural light and spread it to the darker side of a room. Have in mind that your mirror will reflect, if not window, then some other part of a room. That’s why you should carefully choose where to put it so you have something nice to watch. Something like plants or a nice painting. If you are moving with large and bulky items, make sure that you hire a reliable movers Chicago. You need an experienced moving company handling your belongings. Besides a mirror on a wall, you can also buy a glass or mirror coffee table, for the same purpose. Other shiny surfaces will help to reflect sunlight in a room. 

Light color furniture makes a room feel brighter and larger

Besides shiny, mirror surface a lot of help will come from light shades of furniture. Dark or brown sofas, chairs or wooden furniture will make a place feel clogged. This is especially true in the case of smaller spaces. They are central pieces so they give a dark effect. If you already have a dark sofa, you can throw whiter covers and get the same results. Lighter colors can make a small space look bigger.

Clean windows and translucent curtains will do the trick

First of all, cleaning your windows will help you have more light in a room. After you clean all stains and dirt from glass move to cleaning your curtains. Wash them and hang them again. If your curtains are darker, then replace them for lighter, translucent ones. They will help your space breathe.

Translucent curtains will help you for bringing more natural light into your home
Hang white curtains because they let the most light inside.

Get rid of heavy fabric curtains that obstruct the sunlight. 

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